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Sign Up. October 12, at AM. His saddle "t was a southern kack built many years ago, An O.

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He said he'd had to leave home, his daddy'd married twice, And his new ma beat him every day or two, So he saddled up old Chow one night and "lit a shuck" this way- Thought he'd try and paddle now his own canoe. Said he'd try and do the best he could if we'd only give him work Though he didn't know straight up about a cow; So the Boss he cut him out a mount and kinder put him on, For he sorta liked that little stray somehow.

We'd driven to Red River and the weather had been fine, We were camped down on the south side in a bend, When a norther commenced blowin' and we all doubled up our guards, For it took all hands to hold the cattle then.

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Next morning just at sunup we found where Rocket fell, Down in a washout twenty feet below; Beneath his horse, mashed to a pulp, his spurs had rung the knell For our little Texas stray, poor Wrangler Joe. Cowboy Spirit TV. All Notes. Embed Post. Howard Thorp in The only reason for doubting this account is that John A.

Sons Of The Pioneers - Little Joe The Wrangler текст песни

Lomax published the piece in Cowboy Songs in Chances are, though, that Lomax simply stole it; it's known that he stole other songs from the Thorp book which consisted primarily of traditional songs. Thorp himself seems to have been a fascinating character, educated and from a wealthy family, who turned cowboy when the family's fortunes took a turn for the worse.

Thanks to Lyle Lofgren for this information.

Whatever Little Joe's origin, it has done well in tradition, being collected as far afield as California, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, and Texas. He had it, I believe, from his father.

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The tune has strayed a little bit, and the text is significantly different from Thorp's apart from verbal differences, of which there are dozens, the original had two more verses, and in the original it is Joe's father, not his mother, who remarries, while the river is the Red, not the Pecos. But I like this version; it keeps the plot short and to the point.

Little Joe The Wrangler – R. L. Hayden

Oh, Little Joe the Wrangler will wrangle nevermore; His days with the remuda they are o'er. It was late and in the evening when he rode into our herd On a little Texas pony he called Chaw. With his brogan shoes and overalls, a tougher lookin' chap You never in your life before had saw.

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He said he'd had to leave his home, his ma had married twice; His new pa whipped him every day or two. So he saddled up old Chaw one night and quietly rode away And now he's trying to paddle his own canoe. He said if we would give him work he'd do the best he could Although he did know nothin' about a cow.

So the boss he cut him out a mount and kindly helped him on 'Cause he sorta liked that Texas stray somehow.

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