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  2. Ask HN: Is anyone successful with the 7-minute workout so far? | Hacker News
  3. Health App of the Month: The 7 Minute Workout
  4. Is seven minutes all it takes to get in a complete workout?

Still, this particular seven-minute workout is only one example of a HICT routine, and can certainly still boost heart rate and tax the muscles. Could it be made even more intense and effective with different moves and added resistance , as fitness expert Adam Bornstein posits on his blog, Born Fitness? Could it still be a beneficial addition to an otherwise varied exercise routine? What Fitness Level Is Required: Some understanding of proper form and technique is key in a workout like this, write the authors, not to mention a certain understanding of what you're getting yourself into. However, if you're game, anyone can give it a go although the authors do provide a caution for people with hypertension or heart disease.

In fact, I tried it on Monday, and immediately challenged my boyfriend to do the circuit at least once through every day for an entire week. We'll see if he can handle it. For more from our We Tried It series, click here. Real Life. Real News. I LOVE this app! It's so worth the money! I usually use this in addition to my running routine, and especially on the days I don't feel like working out. I enjoy that you can create your own workouts; my own made routines are usually what I use mostly.

So far I've lost a total of 13 pounds using this app just because it makes it so easy and fun to get in a work out, without any excuses! I mean it's 7 minutes of your day! How neat is that?! I usually do rounds of it but on the days I really just don't feel like doing anything at all, the 7 minute one round is usually good enough for me!

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How I got 2.3 million app downloads (without spending a cent on marketing)

Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV. App Store Preview. Description The 7 Minute Workout app is the 1 fitness app in countries. How would you recommend to determine how many calories a specific person needs, and how to easily calculate them?

I am aware of the countless number of ways for this, but I am not sure how to differentiate between the working ones and those that usually don't. IMO it honestly doesn't matter which calculator you use - they are all approximate anyway. I use the myfitnesspal app to track calories. I logged my weight every day , first thing in the morning.

Note that it is important to log your weight daily as it can fluctuate So that's basically all it takes.


Precision and discipline wrt daily calories, with some trial and error to figure out what your individual daily calorific need is. I think a lot of folks make it a lot more complex than it actually is with keto, paleo, insulin levels, etc etc. The mifflin st jeor equation was found by experimentation to produce the most consistently accurate BMR [1].

You can find it on wikipedia [2].

Ask HN: Is anyone successful with the 7-minute workout so far? | Hacker News

As for tracking calories, I use my own software for this, which is what I'll be releasing soon, but right now myfitnesspal. It's going to seem like a plug since I work there, but at Fito we created a macronutrient tracker iOS only unfortunately that includes a calculator for various goals that has seen pretty excellent results. IMO it's the best free resource available right now. I'd be interested in seeing your website. I have been doing starting strength and intermittent fasting since November 1, I am all the way up to squatting over lbs from , which in my mind is unbelievable.

When I started doing this I thought for sure I would just watch my weight drop and no muscle gain, but I was shocked that by fasting I was able to gain muscle and strength. No calorie counting either. But I eat as healthy as I can, 5 days a week. Basically you can build muscle on a calorie deficient diet, look up Mammalian target of rapamycin. I also fit in some carb backloading days, and that is another thing about dieting that is amazing to me.

I lost 50lbs in , and it wasn't until I started to diet that I got a sweet tooth. I wasn't fat from eating candy, but once I started having a cheat day on the slow carb diet, I was up for eating a lot of candy on those days. But basically once you burn off the body fat you want to lose, if you do starting strength correctly, you can hack your body to not store any body fat when presented with fructose. What's successful? Since then, I've felt fitter and slightly happier. Without it, I'd still cycle to work but my upper body gets very little movement. So, does doing some exercise make you feel better than doing next to none?

In my case, definitely.

Fitness: Is the 7-Minute Workout too good to be true?

Does it make you thinner and more attractive? No idea. Is the 7-minute workout the best approach? Probably not. Is it a waste of time? Hell no. Exercise is never a waste of time. And don't ever let any gym geek tell you otherwise. This workout includes a nice mix of full-body exercises that work muscle groups needed for stability and would probably reduce the risk of injury in a lot of athletic activities. However, it's not a minimal complete workout regimen as advertised for these reasons: 1.

If you do this cold, you're going to increase your chance of injury.

Warm up first! If you're already fairly active, injuries suck because they keep you from doing the things you love. If you're trying to get active, an injury just shuts you down before you get started! Some of these exercises can cause injury if your form is poor. If you've done them all many times before and know you have good form then, by all means, warm up and then chain these together for a nice, short HIT workout. If you're not sure you have good form, slow down!

Health App of the Month: The 7 Minute Workout

Do not perform these at a discomfort level of 8 out of 10 if you haven't learned good form yet! This is a nice workout that you can perform almost anywhere, but incorporates no weights. Unless you're really out of shape and even if you are weights are pretty much necessary to get good results. Having just one workout that you do daily is both boring and incomplete. Personally, I think this would be a great way to boost energy in the office or warm-up for a sport, but it's not something I would rely on as my complete workout regimen. People who are unfit and are looking for an easy fix should be very cautious of this workout due to it's injury potential.

With that in mind, if you can avoid injury it's a lot better than doing nothing! Disclaimer: I am not a physical trainer or any kind fitness professional.

I know researchers at among other places NTNU in Norway did some research into intense anaerobic training, and found that short workouts could be helpful, especially for those that started from poor shape. I agree that especially if you're already out of shape, going from like that, is likely to set you up for injuries.

Perhaps especially if you active training. I'd like to see this measured against having people do 7 minutes of horse stance[1] most wouldn't be able to start at 7 minutes. Maybe a male twenty-three year old track star could pull that, but most of us have a MHR between Fair enough. Yes, I do 2 reps, twice daily, six times a week. I also walk 7 miles a day. I've lost 15 pounds in about 3 months. I also live in Vietnam and my diet, without much work, has improved quite a bit. I'm not looking for muscle, just to get me back to not feeling like a fat piece of shit and to stop getting winded after sex.

Just keeping it real. Your body is fairly important, so I'd suggest spending more than 7 minutes on improving it. If you can't, fix your priorities. Don't try and "hack" your workouts for the purpose of reducing how long they take.

Is seven minutes all it takes to get in a complete workout?

And beyond that, the 7 minute workout is mostly useless. Go to the gym and lift weights times a week and then lift heavier ones the next time, repeat. It's not complicated. The 7 minute thing wasn't so much about time I think that was just the sales pitch - it was promoting the HIT High intensity training school of thought.

Some research is pointing that, for some proportion of the population, short bursts i. The big caveat seems to be that response to a HIT exercise or, b hours at the gym in general, has a genetic component to it. I think for many people, the 7 minute number is an increase rather than a decrease. I don't see how doing this for seven minutes is going to hurt anyone who sits on their ass all day and does nothing. If anything it is good because it gets you started. Start doing these 7 min a day workouts and eventually you work your way up and are at the gym doing full workouts.

Kiro on Feb 16, Lift weights times a week?

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Do you even have a Unix beard? I lift weights 3 times a week, and I have the slightly more trendy, modern version of the Unix beard. Maybe we need a name for it. Are there any modern technological paradigms that involve close-cropped beards rather than the flowing Unix beard? Do you have any data to prove that 7 minutes is insufficient?