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  1. Tomb of the Undead: And Other Macabre Murder Mysteries by Jim Green, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®
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In the recently released and very deliciously packaged! Edited by a most capable anthologist why, Professor Bruce worked his way through college as a grave digger , this is a full-blown macabre menagerie that cannot be missed.

Tomb of the Undead: And Other Macabre Murder Mysteries by Jim Green, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

The word undead , explains the editor:. The term has undergone an ironic reversal in modern English, where it now denotes dead people who have been reanimated by a supernatural force. This change reflects the intense interest in tales of the living dead that have become ubiquitous in modern societies. During the Trojan War and the height of Roman power, writes the author, spirits of the recently deceased often came back pleading for proper burial.

Professional necromancers animated corpses, forcing them to divulge important information. Read an excerpt from a letter that the Roman provincial governor Pliny the Younger c. Now consider whether the following story, which I tell you just as it was told to me, is not just as remarkable and even more terrifying. In Athens there was a large and spacious mansion with the bad reputation of being dangerous to its occupants. In the dead of night the clanking of iron and, if you listened carefully, the rattle of chains could be heard, some way off at first, and then close at hand.

Then there appeared the specter of an old man, emaciated and filthy, with a long flowing beard and hair on end, wearing fetters on his legs and shaking the chains on his wrists. The house was therefore deserted, condemned to stand empty and wholly abandoned to the specter; but it was advertised as being for rent or for sale in case someone was found who knew nothing of its evil reputation.

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But Don is onto your scheme, and you'll have to work against the clock to survive. Recommended for advanced players! Great for first-timers. The Cabin has you play detective, sneaking into the cabin of a suspected serial killer to find his identity. One would at first glance think that Tamurkhan's ability to take control of an enemy that kills him would be the perfect trolling option.

577 Free vector graphics of Kematian

But Tamurkhan's villain override only works on Infantry or Monstrous Infantry while Nagash is of the Monster category, and in addition it only works on things that kill him in Close Combat meaning that the player controlling Naggy would simply blast it with magic instead of charging into melee anyway. And of course, spells that auto-kill victims, such as Dwellers, Pit, and Purple Sun, will still kill him on a roll of a 6. Low odds, but better than nothing. Both versions of Malekith will also do it, the Phoenix King dealing 10 attacks hitting on 3s with rerolls, wounding on 5s, but doing D3 wounds.

This will take him a couple of turns but he will outlast Nagash due to his immunity to multiple Wounds and superior WS. All of these characters apart from the Eternity King cost less than Nagash, and will eat through your other models, requiring assassination tactics and HEAVY use of your army increasing abilities to counter. The new End Times spell of the Little Waaagh is also a special nightmare for Nagash or anyone else , as it can be used to steal those sweet magic items.

Out of all of the Mortarchs, Vlad is the one most likely to survive a battle despite only having 3 Wounds though as a Vampire he can heal those and gets a bonus to do so. As such, Vlad ties with Mannfred and Neferata as the best named choice after Nagash to actually put into play though Vlad plays the classic VC bunker Lord list. He's had his Beloved in Death rule replaced with the Mortarch of Shadow special rule which gives everything a -1 To Hit both shooting and in melee against him and his unit and a -1 to the Leadership of all models nearby him, and as a Terror-causer this can be beneficial when facing low Leadership armies.

The -1 To Hit makes him even better in combat which, combined with his sword makes him the hardest to kill Mortarch. Aside from his equipment and Mortarch rule he's really just a generic Wizard lvl 3 Vampire Lord, with the added bonus of picking spells like Nagash from Death, Shadow, Vampire, or Undeath this access to multiple Lores makes him a FAR superior choice to the generic Master Vampire when using Khaine magic rules.

So is he worth it compared to the generic? The problem is he's not a level 4 caster, which isn't terrible, and he isn't Red Fury, which also isn't terrible. The generic can be kitted out to either be a best possible spellcaster or have better damage, but Vlad mixes them in an acceptable way.

The primary way to use Vlad is to kit him out fully in Lore of Death, since he'll be able to survive in the range that puts the lore to the best use while you have a Lore of Vampires Level 4 Master Necromancer somewhere else. Shadows is also viable if you get Okkam's Mindrazor.

Thanks to the buffs he confers to the unit he is with he can be a total nightmare on the battlefield: he isn't a magic monster like Nagash, Mannfred or Arkhan, nor a killing machine like Neferata, but he is intended to be more of a support character, and he is one of the best in the game. Add Vlad's spells to it Miasma, Invocation of Nehek and Soul Leech are what you're guaranteed to have, and what great spells they are indeed!

Mannfred may have lost Loremaster, but he got survivability and some of Konrad's batshit insane melee action instead. A Mannfred list is one full of fast and killy options, as you want to get into combat as soon as possible and tear up the enemy without giving them a chance to reposition themselves to take what you're dishing out. His statline is pretty impressive being a Lvl 4 Wizard Vampire Lord that picks spells like Nagash from Death, Vampire, or Undeath and his mount that he cannot be separated from upping some of his stats to T6, W10, and A9. Mannfred is best to put into the weakest enemies first, so you can use those Attacks Dark Cunning gives him more attacks when he's in combat, and more magic dice when he's out of it to rip apart the enemy and generate more Power and Dispel Dice from his sword for yourself.

As for those Power Dice, you're going to be sitting on a HUGE pile of them so you'll want to bring spellcasters to use them and lessen the burden on Mannfred in case of a miscast coming his way. His extra toughness and wounds are going to help against mass shooting and artillery which he'll attract being a Flying Monster being a Vampire he can heal himself the usual way, which goes great with his playstyle , and the double range summoning spells mean he can be up close to the enemy and still bring in troops wherever you need them allowing you to engage enemies in the middle and Lore of Undeath something to distract the ranged models like Zombies in their faces.

Overall a good unit on the offensive and defensive for both combat and magic, but still not quite worth the points though with his magic generation he comes very close since a generic Vampire Lord and generic Master Necromancer can do the job as well if not better without being cannon bait. Neferata is terrifying for several reasons.

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You'll be rerolling all of her eight Strength 5 Attacks which with her Weapon Skill of 8 makes her a fucking engine of destruction that can eat a unit by herself. Her dagger is another horror which, if it causes an unsaved Wound, drops the Strength, Toughness, and Attacks of the target by 1 for the rest of the game. This effect can only happen once per model and only works in challenges although regardless of what your opponent tries to tell you will work as many times as she can swing it against something new per game.

Her Always Strikes First combined with her high Strength, Weapon Skill and Initiative and rerolls she's usually get mean she will will cripple anything dumb enough to take her in a challenge. Being the Mortarch of Blood means if she kills an enemy character in a challenge very likely since the first wound she causes takes away some of their toughness and offensive ability then she'll spawn an un-upgraded generic Vampire, which is not exceedingly useful unless you're playing the kind of game where you will be killing a large number of weak characters.

She deals D3 extra Strength 5 hits to anything she Hexes or hits with a Magic Missile which is fairly nifty against small expensive Units, and is a level 3 in Death, Shadow, Vampires, or Undeath. Of them, Shadow is the best for those tasty Hexes and Vampires lets you actually heal her every time you cast a spell coupled with Invocation to keep her entourage healthy. This makes her a dedicated offensive caster on top of being the single biggest melee powerhouse you can bring after Nagash himself, and a list built around her should bring some Necromancers or Priests to provide the necessary Augments as well as enough models in the right places that you can stick Neferata exactly where it will hurt without fear of redirection or charges.

Remember, that with level 3 she cannot be your main caster the way Mannfred on Arkhan are. Defensive and offensive casting mix, Challenge god who ensures enemy characters won't be a nuisance, and eating Units with a fuckload of high Strength fast Attacks.

New fluff has included a group of Ghouls who worship her that she uses, lifting fluff restrictions of "ugly" options as well as playing up her Nehekharan roots making any Undead Legion thing other than perhaps the von Carstein Vargheists and Corpse Carts fluffy "Hail to the queen, baby". No longer a 5th level Wizard, he's now level 4, and generates his spells from the lore of Death and Undeath like Naggy, making him the only Dread Abyssal Mortarch who cannot heal himself with Lore of Vampires. Since Death would require him to be near the front of the battle, he's more or less stuck in Lore of Undeath which is awesome, since he summons double amount of points.

Sure, he is no Nagash and lack of increased range hurts, but he can still pump out ridiculous amount of Undead, and his staff provides him with a nice edge in magic phase. He's a perfect substitute for Nagash in smaller games where a 1, point doom character is not appropriate, or if you want to avoid having such a huge target for all enemy Cannons. His playstyle is the same as Nagash's with less emphasis on melee, he's just less likely to cause your opponent to flip the table from the amount of unadulterated bullshit that Nagash can pull like summoning 1, points of undead onto the board in one Magic phase and ignoring the Miscast that rightfully should have obliterated him.

Arkhan goes well with any Undead Legions army that can fit him in. In the fluff he uses both types of undead as a large army he uses the horde, horde in the numerical sense , preferring Nehekharan but he is pragmatic enough to use whatever is available and make use of tactics.

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  4. No horse so he can bunker and get Look Out Sir! Mostly unchanged other than swapping from Kemmler to Nagash in servitude. His statline is pretty low compared to the rest of the Mortarchs and at LD 10 you almost NEED someone else LD 10 to make General as Krell is pretty vulnerable on his own, but he's worth every penny when supported in the right way. You will almost never use the Champion of Nagash rule because the points level to field them together is a minimum of and since he's Infantry while Nagash is a Monster it requires careful positioning to get them into the same Close Combat together.

    Mortarch of Despair grants Krell a Wound restored if an enemy within 12 inches of him fails a Fear, Terror, or Break test, which is very useful against low Ld armies as Krell himself of course causes Terror and can be put in a unit with the Screaming Banner to force rerolls on any that pass.

    Worship Macabre

    If you want to put more eggs in that basket, add a Tomb King to make said unit have more WS, add Banner of the Barrows plus a BSB with Screaming Banner and suddenly everything melts and fails break tests against your deathstar. Krell is a good option for elite lists, made up of buffed killing models. Vlad is the preferred option with massive waves of weaker models. Queen Neferata's cousin, oddly enough you can take her in the same team as her even though they hate each other's lack of in Khalida's case guts right up until the last minute before the world ended.

    Another relatively cheap option at points, and comes with Hatred Vampire Counts so you can route any other players dumb enough to keep going with the inferior Undead faction. She's unchanged from her Tomb Kings role, and unlike Tomb Princes she doesn't change in use any when put alongside Vampire Counts since they have no archers for her to buff. Her ASF rule, combined with 5 poisoned attacks at S4 make her a very formidable melee character against basic troops, but even with her high Toughness and light armour on top of being Flammable, any character with decent combat ability will hit her hard.

    She makes a good General for archer-heavy lists, although if you AREN'T building an archer-heavy list there's no reason to take her, but a fragile one so if you take her you must keep her in a unit, preferably buffed with some form of protection Incantation of Neru. She's also Flammable and Immune To Poison, but those will rarely come up Lore of Fire being inferior to nearly every other lore and poison rarely hitting her so you shouldn't worry about either of them. Don't forget that you can support her unit with Lore of Heavens and watch them re-roll failed To Hit and To Wound rolls of 1.

    Good times. Her viability in listing only really comes down to one question. Apophas is unchanged from his Tomb Kings role and still costs points. Apophas has the Desert Revenant rule, meaning he cannot join units nor can he be the army General. The latter hurts him, the former doesn't. He has the Entombed Beneath the Sands rule, can Fly and has Strider, enabling him to get into position where you want him and cause Terror checks to things he zips past. He's got a Strength 2 Breath Weapon pretty useless, as it's unlikely to do much and upon death causes 2D6 inches worth of 2D6 Strength 2 hits very gambly for not much potential damage.

    He can re-roll To Hit and To Wound rolls against a specific character, and He also has Regeneration, keeping him in the fight just a little longer against that character. The problem is with his terrible stats, at Toughness 3 Initiative 1 he'll be killed by any character built for combat, as well as any mount that a wizard rides on let alone how he'll get butchered against units. Theoretically, he'd be useful against horde armies as he'd allow you to pop him right into the middle of a cluster of units and cause Terror Tests everywhere before belching out beetles to wreck all the low Toughness buggers, but since you can't count on more than 2 inches of 2 hits of 2 Strength when he dies or on him even making it where you need him in the first place, he's pretty useless.

    His only real uses are as an anti-warmachine or a wizard trap, but even at those roles he's questionable. He's fun no doubt, and can cause a bit of chaos for an opponent who's planning on number-crunching though. Note: While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army. When trying to decide whether to take a Vampire Counts or Tomb Kings equivalent in the same role, give the Magic Items available to each a quick browse as a tiebreaker. Brilliant stat line, a metric fuckton of upgrade options, and are neck and exposed neck with the Chaos Lord as the most dangerous generic combat lord in the game.

    They don't have to be the General anymore, and your General dying doesn't mean your army crumbles which allows you to go as wild as you want with their role. You're looking at points worth of Vampire upgrades, points worth of Magic Items, and the biggest baddest fucking mounts around. Or, if you're afraid of Cannons, then multiple Red Fury Master Vampires hiding in the line of footplodders waiting to unleash hell. All Vampires are level 1 Wizards in Lore of Vampires, Death, Shadow, or Undeath remember that now you don't have to take Lore of Vampires at all plus any non-Life Lore in the core rulebook with the Forbidden Lore upgrade, and you can upgrade them up to a level 4 Wizard as well.

    Item selection and powers will be covered later. These bad boys became much more versatile then ever before. Just don't go too overboard and make sure you have a clear plan of what you want them doing. But that's not why you take a Tomb King. Where Vampire Lord is the perfect predator, Tomb King is the leader, focused on improving his army. He is much cheaper pts vs pts naked and comes with at least Light Armor by default which can be bumped with Magic Armor and has a fantastic rule called My Will Be Done, which allows his unit to use his WS which is 6.

    He also has The Curse, punishing whatever kills him making any attempt to kill him a risky endeavor. Or you could go with Tomb Princes for a more cost effective variation, if none of the Tomb Kings Magic Items above 50 points catches your interest. Not that it matters much, but the mummy options are all flammable remember. Out of the two caster-Lords, this one is your summoner one. He costs points vanilla, plus 35 for his level 4 upgrade. Unlike his mummified colleague, Mastermancer can increase a Skeleton Warrior Unit's size beyond its starting limit with Master of the Dead upgrade although not any of the Tomb Kings Skeleton Archers or Horsemen sadly and is 10pts cheaper with an identical statline.

    The Master Necromancer and also can ride a variety of mounts, although the main point of these is to let him keep up with Black Knights if you are going full-cavalry. Otherwise, find him a nice big bunker full of Core to stick him in. If you want multiple casters, only take one Master Necromancer as only one can take the MotD upgrade in your army. Out of the two caster-Lords, this one is your support. He's points plus 35 for level 4. Compared to Master Necromancer, he has access to Lores of Undeath, Nehekhara, and Light of which the latter two provides the army with much-needed buffs.

    If you want numerous mages, take one Mastermancer in the back ranks and one Liche High Priest somewhere closer to the front, spamming Light-magic bubble goodness. He can be mounted on a Skeletal Steed, but this is only useful in full-cavalry armies. Still a proper punch sport, but with all the options you're getting and all the possible combinations you can make this guy will probably won't see the light of day much.

    Dragonbane Gem is mandatory to protect him from Flame Attacks and most Magic Weapons aren't worth taking since they'll make him lose his Poisoned Attacks. He benefits a great deal from the Lore of Nehekhara Augments, and is not a bad idea if you want a Close Combat character to deal some guaranteed kills.

    He isn't a terrible choice, but he's got less potential for upgrades and also has got more competition now which doesn't work well in his favor. If you don't plan on kitting out your characters too much and just need someone killy to complete the set with someone else casty, Strigoi with Red Fury and Gem is the way to go. Take it if you need a killy hero although the Wight King is cheaper for slightly lower stats , are taking a low pop army and need your Level 2 casters to be able to dish out and take in Close Combat, want a core lore and need the level 4 Wizards on more important tasks, or if you took a named character Lord and want that Coven Throne on the field.

    You can kit out a Vampire to Fly and launch them directly into enemy warmachines or Wizards, making them an amusing warmachine hunter. With new limit on Heroes, feel free to take many Princes, greatly improving your footsloggers. WS5 Zombies? Hell yeah! While My Will Be Done is worth the difference, there are times when you want the higher statline. See respective Lord-version entries, as barring the fact that Necro is 65 points while LP is 70 and they as usual have half the Magic Item allowance they're the same.

    An awesome option in VC book, not so much here. His main downside is lack of My Will Be Done. On the other hand, Wight King can take a cavalry mount, and can take Heavy mundane Armor. Oh, and he's non-flammable compared to his mummy counterpart. Also, if you want to be a dick of course you do , take 10 with Great Weapons and stick them in a unit of Grave Guard carrying Banner of the Barrows.

    This guy's Bodyguard special rule allows him to take wounds for his Tomb King, allowing the Tomb King to pick Destroyer of Eternities and still be survivable. Don't forget to load this guy on Magic Armor, as wounds are transferred before Saves. Basically, you up your Tomb King's cost to Vampire levels, but in return get awesomely survivable character with pts item allowance for the King, 50 for the Herald and My Will Be Done.

    Then you remember that for a properly kitted up Vampire Lord, nothing in the game is going to hurt it anyway, as it will pulverise all comers, and cry inside. Unfortunately Tomb Heralds can only take Wounds for Tomb Kings and Tomb Princes, and each is assigned only to one character and each can only have one assigned to them at the beginning of the game. In addition, the Tomb Herald must be in the same Unit as them.

    Very cheap at 60 points, and his statline isn't bad for it don't expect him to survive for too long with only T4 and Light Armor with 2 Wounds, or deal much damage s WS3 S4 Attacks, but that's not bad all the same. He gets 50 points worth of Magic Items to specialize him with and he grants Hatred to his Unit via Wrath of the Creator he's buttmad people keep wrecking his shit pulling the gems and gold out , while his 7 LD can go a long way with VC company. Stick him with Grave Guard for an enemy-melting combination. Stone Shaper grants any Constructs within 12 inches Regeneration, which can be bumped up further with a Mortis Engine allowing those adorable little Sphinxes of yours to shrug off cannonballs.

    No matter how you plan on using him, the screaming artist with the whip can find a place in almost any Undead Legion army. While generally useless even in vanilla Vampire Counts army, and even more so in Undead Legions, where it has to compete with Liches, Princes and Necrotects, it's main use is in the "shriek" list see tactics , combined with Terroghests and all sorts of Ld-reducing shenannigans.

    Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Undead Legions

    See above, but these shmucks haven't even got their own tricky tactic. With the increase in character allowance taking one isn't as painful, but with the new options from Tomb Kings his place is even further at the bottom. Pass, pass, pass. Scratch that. With the Archaon rules, take a 30 of the buggers, stick them in one large unit, and have a friend bring along a high elf prince with the Banner of the World Dragon from the Aestyrion.

    Tricky tactic right there. Sadly, mounts cannot be taken cross-army. That does not mean however that they can't be in the same unit as each other though.

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    7. It may be possible to actually ride these inside a unit of Skeleton Chariots, see their entry in Core below. Tarpits extraordinaire. Vulnerable to crumbling, but that can be mitigated with the right choices. Invocation of Nehek multiplies their number quicker than other Undead so taking some with Lore of Vampires ensures you will have plenty of bodies on the field although without some buffing from your various options, don't expect them to do anything more than get in the way of your opponent. Also, keep at least 30ish models at hand - even a level 1 Undeath caster can pull off 2nd boosted Ryze, and nothing says "fuck you!

      Hit hard compared to the other infantry choices, but are more expensive at 10 points a piece. They used to have the advantage of a low chance of crumbling with the loss of a General, but that's not exactly a problem anymore meaning you take them purely based on their primary strengths; having the highest stats of any Core option available to you, and two Attacks each which are Poisoned meaning you get the most durable troops with the best killing power. Can't be bumped past their starting number in any way however, although with Regeneration from a Mortis Engine they're formidable.

      Take them for your elite armies. They're better than Skeleton Horsemen in stats and cost plus having a special ability for the Charge, but Spirit Hosts are a better missile screen for infantry. You know them, you love them. With the new rules, they are mostly the same from both armies. Tomb Kings skeletons are one point cheaper at 4 each, but Light Armor costs an extra 1 point.

      Vampire Counts skeletons come at 5 points, and come with that Light Armor free. Tomb Kings skeletons can take Spears for 1 point, Vampire Count skeletons get that Spear free but either way you DON'T want Spears since the killing power added is insignificant while losing your Parry bonus from your Shield is pretty bad. Tomb Kings skeletons have 2 more points of Leadership, but now that you don't Crumble those two points mean very little outside of a few rare spells and abilities that use Leadership.

      Vampire Counts skeletons can take a Magic Standard up to 25 points, but unless you actually plan on taking one then you may as well get the extra LD for free by taking the Tomb Kings skellies. Banner of Eternal Flame is better spent on something stronger since you can only take it once Grave Guard or Black Knights are nice candidates , the Leadership boosters are inferior to just taking the Tomb Kings skeletons plus as previously mentioned LD is mostly unimportant, and while Lichebone Pennant Magic Resistance and Banner of Swiftness 1 more inch of Movement per turn can be interesting they're probably too expensive to waste on your mage bunker.

      Since they both have the same name and are now both just "Undead", Necromancers with the Master upgrade in Lore of Vampires can bolster either past their starting numbers. You take these over Zombies when you want more durable troops. You take Zombies when all you need are a bunch of bodies on the table to give Look Out Sir! As for the models? Pick what you like. They're interchangeable so long as your opponent knows if they have 5 LD or 3 LD and a magic scrap of cloth on a stick.

      They're Skeleton Warriors with dakka. Specifically, they never count bonuses or penalties To Hit. Their hitting power is STILL pretty low however, so you'll need to rely on a large block of troops to deal any significant damage to something important. To any Vampire Counts players, this is a big change; you now have the potential for cover fire when getting your footplodders into position. On the other hand, that Light Armor will bolster their survivability so you can Invoc them if there's a Necro on hand. Generally, the larger the points limit the less effective Light Armor is going to be for you unless it's a unit with Khalida in it at which point you may want to give the unit the ability to take some more damage and maybe pack a cheap L1 Necro.

      Regarding Khalida; Khalida basically makes her unit shoot better with 3 BS rather than 2, and gives their arrows Poisoned Attacks. As a result for any player favoring a ranged-heavy list, she's something to consider taking. Beware however, Undead Legion expect to fully emulate the tactics of Dwarfs with Napoleonic gunlines and cannon spam.

      Compared to the previous entry, this choice is a no-brainer pun not intended. Consider taking at least one unit of these, even if you're going for mostly VC units. Invocation won't bolster their numbers at the start although it'll restore any lost ones , but that shouldn't be a problem since they shouldn't be in melee anyway. Light Cavalry ahoy! Full-cavalry lists are a thing now! The world of the living will be trampled under unliving hooves! Same statline as normal Skeletons, but with horses and Vanguard allowing them to get into position ahead of time.

      They cost 12 points a model, 4 points more than Dire Wolves for inferior stats barring 2 more points of Leadership. Dire Wolves have a maximum unit size of 20 while you can take as many Skeleton Horseman in a Unit as you want, but it's unlikely you'll be taking that many of either. A decent choice at 14 points each, they make good Scouts especially if they gain the ability to march, stand and shoot or both and can soften up enemy units before you charge in with something else.

      Tomb Of The Undead RARE Horror VHS OOP

      There are no VC equivalents, so they are definitely worth a look. If you need some outriders, Skeleton Horse Archers are probably the way to go since for 2 more points each you'll be able to pump out some ranged attacks. You could take Khalid who is on foot in this or any other Calvary uint however this will affect your movement. In general units can only move as far as their slowest model. Imo you could spend your points more efficiently on other things.