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Otherwise, you're just going to be expected to know everything that's already happened, and be confused by everything that's left unexplained.

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Shelves: ebooks. Lawson and his brothers are wolves, almost old enough to become a Hell Hound and work under the control of Lucifer and the Silver Bloods forever. But Lawson and his brothers don't want to become hounds, they want to be free to have their own loves, for they know once they become hounds they would lose themselves forever. Lawson has hope that they will succeed, except something goes wrong in their escape.

Trying to save her Ahramin pushed her forward and got caught herself, and din't make it to the portal Now in the human world they live in parks, and get food from garbage's. They move around a lot, afraid of their surrounding they try and stick together.

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Finally Lawson and the others get some help from a wizard Arthur who helps them and takes them into his home to help them learn how to fit in with society. After leaving Arthur's they head out on their own. Tala and Lawson becoming closer and closer. They begin to see each other in secret. Everything seems to be going fine. They have a home, clothes, food, jobs, and each other. That's when danger comes and finds them. While they've always been careful of not staying in one place they were finally caught.

A familiar face finds them and burns their house to the ground. When Tala gets captured all Lawson can do is think about getting her back, no matter the cost. Meanwhile Bliss is still on her mission with her Aunt Jane to find the hounds and bring them back into the fold, just as Gabrielle her mother had told her. Following every lead they can including the burning house Bliss finds what she thinks to be a lead, instead it might be more danger than she can handle.

Loved this novel. So exciting to read more about Bliss and extra exciting to read about the wolves and what all is going on in Hell. It was amazing all the powers that Bliss still possesses, and how Hell keeps drawing her in. Could not put this short story down! Dec 04, Liviania rated it really liked it. The fourth and final part comes out next week on December 4th. Plus, I think serials are fun and I'm happy major publishers are playing around with the model.

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But their escape comes at a price, and they are pursued by the hounds because they can still be converted as long as they're recaptured before they turn seventeen. Meanwhile, Bliss and her Aunt Jane search for the wolves in order to ally with them to fight the Silver Bloods. Since Lawson and the pack are new to Earth, they are briefly caught up on the various factions. But de la Cruz's world is too involved to be explained so quickly. Now, the Blue Bloods series is one that I once loved, but I've been disappointed by later installments.

There's action, a sense of fate, and what seems to be the set up for a neatly woven plot. I'm intrigued enough to read Part Two. View 1 comment. Nov 28, P. Wolf Pact Part One is very hard to describe because it was a short read with a bit of an abrupt ending. That was to be expected but I was so caught up in the story I wasn't expecting it to end the way it did.

It's a nice beginning and gives the reader some good setup and background information on all the characters. The premise is fantastic and the book does a great job at keeping a good pace and also getting the reader into the story. There's not much development of anything besides background Wolf Pact Part One is very hard to describe because it was a short read with a bit of an abrupt ending. There's not much development of anything besides background and the story being set so there's not much I can say except that I'm a little bit worried that the characters won't be properly developed.

I barely got to know the pack in this installment and now they're gone. Even though it's less than 60 pages of writing, a lot is in those pages and I found it very entertaining. My only complaint is that I wish I could read more. I'd say that if you're a fan of Blue Bloods you should keep an eye on Wolf Pact. So far, I'd recommend waiting until all four parts are out and then by the book because Part 1 felt a bit like a teaser. Once I was truly getting acclimated to the story it ended.

Wolf Pact: A Wolf Pact Novel: Number 1 in series by Melissa de la Cruz - Books - Hachette Australia

Also, remember that Wolf Pact is only available online. This book is very different compared to what I usually read, especially considering length, so I don't think it warrants a rating just yet. Oct 10, Shannon McGee rated it it was amazing Shelves: werewolves , , vampires. Witches of East End and this start to another great series Wolf Pact.

I love the use of lore and magic. Something about the writing just grabs me and takes me to there mythological world, wishing it were real. The characters are so vivid in my mind. Just makes me want to read more. Jan 23, Sarah rated it it was amazing. It was refreshing to still be in the world of Blue Bloods, but dealing with humans and Hellhounds. What I really loved about Part 1 was the introduction of Lawson and the pack.

Wolf Pact, Part I

The first five chapters are told by Lawson and Bliss narrates the last five. If you plan on reading this, I suggest getting all four parts. Part 1 ends abruptly. Nov 26, StorySeekers rated it really liked it. It very fast paced and I am glad for some new characters. I fell in love with Melissa's storytelling in the Blue Blood series, especially how vampires are descended from angels!

Now she explains where werewolves come from! We get a new cast of characters and Bliss is also in this book. I don't why Hyperion decided to cut it into four parts, but I am going to keep on reading. Jan 09, Airaseem Perdomo rated it really liked it. I haven't read anything from Melissa since Lost and Time! But reading something new and new characters is a bumppy road. But until you get the hang of it it gets better and interesting. Wolf Pact This is just the first part of four and it has me interested.

It has been a while since I read any Blueblood books, but things slowly came back to me.

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I like the story so far. You are Fenrir. The great Wolf whom legend has foretold will free the wolves from slavery and return them to the glory of the new Praetorian Guard. Blue Bloods series. Short stories. Beauchamp Family series. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories. From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest. Self's Punishment.

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