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Few features of child-rearing occupy as much parental brain space as sleep, and with it the timeless question: Is my child getting enough? Despite the craving among many parents for more sleep in their offspring and, by extension, themselves , the purpose that sleep serves in young kids remains something of a mystery—especially when it comes to daytime naps. Do they help children retain information, as overnight sleep has been found to do in adults?

Translations for "to nap"

A study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences provides the first evidence that daytime sleep is critical for effective learning in young children. Psychologist Rebecca Spencer of the University of Massachusetts UMass , Amherst, had more than a passing interest in the subject: Her daughters were 3 and 5 when she began chasing answers to these questions. She later added other local preschools to her sample, for a total of 40 children ranging from nearly 3 to less than 6 years old. To test this, the trio first taught the children a variant of the popular game Memory or Concentration.

They were shown a series of cards with pictures on them, such as a cat or umbrella. The cards were then flipped over, hiding the pictures. Each child was offered another picture card and asked to recall where in the matrix its match lay.

Nap | Definition of Nap by Merriam-Webster

Then, about 2 hours later, it was naptime—or nap-free time, depending. All of them spent between seven and nine hours in bed every night, and none of them had a sleep disorder. They were asked to keep a diary of their sleep habits for a week, including their daily naps if they took them, and wore special actigraph wristwatches small, wristwatch shaped devices that record motion and are used to assess sleep by determining whether a person is active or inactive to verify what they had put down in their diaries.

Their level of sleepiness was measured at 9 a. At p.

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While they napped, their brain waves were monitored through electrodes to see how deeply they were sleeping. By correlating the information in the subjects' diaries, and analyzing the brain wave information they obtained, the team found that people who nap frequently sleep more lightly during their naps than those who usually never nap at all. In sleeping, the body progresses through a series of five stages, from light sleep through dreaming, called the sleep cycle.

Naps Nurture Growing Brains

Sleep does not progress through these stages in order, however. Those who had taken three to four naps in the week before the brain wave tests took place had the least amount of slow wave sleep scientist's term for stage 3, or deep sleep and the most amount of stage 1, or light sleep; those who took one to two naps a week had the most amount of stage 2 sleep, which is somewhat deeper, and those who never napped at all had the highest amount of stage 3 sleep while in the laboratory, meaning they slept the most deeply. The naps that people of all groups took did not measurably affect their sleep at night.

Using this data, the team developed two hypotheses.

Sleep researchers home in on the benefits of napping

There are ways to 'raise the nap', most of which involve wire brushes such as raising cards. Originally, dried teasel pods were used and were still preferred for use on woollen cloth for a long time.

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Cotton cloth goes straight to the shearing process, where the nap gets trimmed to ensure that all the raised fibres are the same length. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.