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If you have an insane and single boss, they may be going on dates or handling dinners on their own. The general rule for dinners is finding a place with parking, valet, that seems cool, and could be great to accidentally run into people. Generally speaking, always find out who has what allergies or restrictions before scheduling the dinner place.

Sure, Los Angeles almost always has a Vegan option, but better safe than sorry. For drinks, follow the dinner rules. Look for convenience, parking, and proximity to their final destination. But what about assistant drinks? That's right; your job is not done once you clock out. Now you have to network.

How to Survive 80 Hours a Week as a Hollywood Assistant – Part Two | Fighting Broke

No one wants to stay longer than a year or two in the same role, because you need a diversity of connections to move ahead. Was it to write?


Whatever the case, assistant drinks are where you make friends. These friends will tell you about job openings, slip you the hottest scripts, share movie screeners, and just be your intel all over town. The more friends you make, the easier your life will be in Los Angeles. Everyone needs a favor now and again, so be bold and reach out. Okay, that covers this city. But what if your boss wants to leave Los Angeles?

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If your company has a travel agent, bully for you. If not? And your boss will hate being stuck with the bill. So if you're booking air travel, see if your boss needs a ride to and from the airport. How many bags they think they will be taking, and what time of day they prefer to fly. And then always send PDFs of projects they need to read, or print out scripts and pitch decks so they can carry them on and page through them.

Eventually, though, it will be time for you to go home. Holy crap. It's time to leave the office. For me, that was between PM and 9 PM usually. So I was working a ish hour day. I also had to switch to eating healthy because I got super fat just sitting around all day and rolling calls.

You head into your boss's office and clean up all the stay papers and notes. You organize everything they left out, toss their trash, clean up the water bottles, cap stray pens and markers. There are lots of different schools of thought when it comes to applying for the next job. But before I do that, I put my feelers out. If they are happy for you and embrace you, great. If they're a jerk As you go from job to job, hopefully, you move up in the world. And in pay. You probably saw this coming, but Hollywood assistants get paid like crap.

Once you get a desk, you're maybe getting k a year. As you get more experience, you move into the upper 30s and 40s. Once you hit the actual executive positions, your salary and contract will likely be negotiated by an agent. Usually, they are great and come with perks. But guess what?

All these numbers above? Usually, they are for at least 60 hour weeks. Not counting the hours you spend on the weekend catching up on the work you didn't get done. When I was an assistant, I found myself routinely putting in hours for around 36k a year. With benefits. It's grueling. And you may hate it. Lots of people leave Hollywood because of it.

I don't have anything pithy to say.

How Would You Use +10 Hours per Week?

But hey, in all those hours, you get to acquire some wild stories. This is why you do it. To have everyone in your family seated at the table when you head home, listening intently as you regale them with the time you brought Tom Cruise a salad. Or that time you spilled coffee on yourself when you tripped in front of Renee Zellweger and had to take your shirt off because it was burning your skin. Or when Mickey Rourke shoved a cupcake in your face after you pissed him off for saying he was "of a generation" even though it was the beginning of a compliment?

There are exciting memories too. Like when Jonah Hill laughed so hard at your Mickey story that he bought you a beer. Or that time you were supposed to have breakfast alone with your boss and Bill Hader sat with you guys and made you laugh. Still, I was somewhat protected by being the second on the ladder. There are more twists and turns than a Shyamalan movie, but it can be fun. My best advice to you is to make as many friends as possible. When things got bad, or I needed favors, my assistant friends were always there to bail me out. If you're in the trenches with fellow assistants, you form a strong bond.

As I look back on my time in Hollywood as an assistant, I laugh a lot more at the stress and ridiculous requests. Got a great Hollywood assistant story? Leave it in the comments or email it to me Jason nofilmschool. Till next time…. Skip to main content. No Film School. December 17, Hollywood Assistants: More than just the nervous person handing you coffee. How to Roll Calls Rolling calls is a thing you do when your boss calls in, and you connect them to various people around town.

What Is A Phone Sheet? So how do these meetings happen? You have to coordinate with other assistants. Parking Parking gets its header because no one uses public transportation in Los Angeles. Breakfast Prepare a list of breakfast places around key parts of town. I have them memorized Air Travel If your company has a travel agent, bully for you.

I ate lunch when I could, I took pee breaks when I could, and I drank a ton of coffee. When it's time to leave, you do the opposite of what you did in the morning. Throw away all the old phone sheets, tidy up anything else you see. Relook at your todo list and make a note of what needs to happen in the morning. I also used to have to set the alarm, because I was the last one out. Congrats, you made it through one day. Only a few thousand more. Applying For The Next Job There are lots of different schools of thought when it comes to applying for the next job.

Crazy Hollywood Assistant Stories This is why you do it. When Ridley Scott called you "the intern one who smiles all the time.

The Ultimate Hollywood Assistant Survival Guide

What about when you beat Glen Powell at ping pong? And no one will forget when Margot Robbie asked you to parallel park her car. These are just some of the things that happened to me in about a year and a half span. And they can happen to you too. If you're willing to put up with the rest. I was on my fourth film with him. I became the point person on set and the exec asst. It was a long time ago, but I pick the actor up at his house above Franklin in L.

I ask the boss what he wants for breakfast when he arrives. Now at this point, I assume that the office has prepped this girl on our tricky boss and given her a solid rundown of what will be expected.

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A lot of it is simple, common sense stuff, but then So we pull up in Basecamp and he hops out, introduces himself to the girl. I went back to the restaurant where I got my second job in LA waiting tables. It was Saturday morning when I walked in, and servers were taking down chairs and wiping tables. I asked the manager if she was looking for help.

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  • On one hand, this was a major relief. There are a number of other reasons for taking a shitty job. Paying rent and eating are two. Others, depending on where you are financially, emotionally, and in your career include:. Besides, we reason with ourselves, many people found massive success only after massive failures. The game feels rigged, like a backwater carnival game. For example, while my friend Michael was an assistant, he earned a side income doing graphic design, bouncing at clubs, and as a personal trainer — all jobs he found on Craigslist. Today, his personal training business pays more than his assistant salary did.

    I know another assistant who supplements her assistant income by driving a Lyft car on weekends. Do not discount anything: waiting tables, bartending, catering. Eating dinner — this week. Dig DEEP into what value you can provide, and come up with, at a bare minimum, 10 things you can do to earn money. Now, instead of combing through CL ads everyday, you can open your reader and jobs that match your skill sets will automatically appear. Yeah, this can be really hard. The excitement about having back my old job of waiting tables lasted until I returned to my apartment.

    I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.